Singaflex Fan coil Hose is design for the ever changing building equipments in this worldwide market. The versatility of Fan Coil gives you extensive application potential all over the world.

Detail Product

Singaflex Fan Coil Hose is protected by stainless steel wire braiding to enable the hose to withstand the high pressure and protect the convoluted hose from any external damages. It has a high working temperature range of -200°C to 700°C.

Benefit For Using This Hose

Long Service Life
Singaflex Fan Coil Hose is senility resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance due to the non-double combination rubber molecule main chain found in the EPDM rubber.

Most Durable Hose
Singaflex Fan Coil Hose is more durable than other rubber hose because it comes with an external stainless steel protection and this also increase the operating pressure of the rubber hose.

Extra Safety
Singaflex Fan Coil Hose is designed with a high bursting pressure of 4 to 8 times the operating pressure to give our customer the extra safety.

Easy Installation
Due to the small bending radius and high flexibility of the hose, it can also be use in various applications even in small fitting space.

Light Weight

Singaflex Fan Coil Hose is easier to move, handle and install than any other rubber with a comparable burst pressure rating,