Full-Blow Cupla

• The flow rate is increased by up to 40% more than that of conventional Cuplas.
• During connection and disconnection, the valve is closed, enabling connection/disconnection under zero line pressure.
• When the sleeve of socket is returned to the original position, the purge mechanism releases the residual pressure inside the plug eliminating unpleasant pop and hose whipping motion.
• Built-in sleeve lock mechanism prevents unexpected disconnection of Cuplas, assuring safe operation.
• The valve can be opened and closed while the socket and plug is connected.
• The weight is reduced by 30 to 45% compared with that of conventional Cuplas.

Note: Direct mounting of Full-Blow Cupla to percussive and vibrating tools should be avoided.

Detail Product

- Body Materila Aluminum alloy
- Size 1/4" (20 type), 3/8" (30 type), 1/2" (40 type)