Anti-vibration Plug VA Type

• Optimizes the life of the socket by reducing the impact of vibrating and percussive tools by between 1/5 and 1/9, enabling direct mount of the plug on tools.
• Prevents air leaks caused by vibration and maintains enough and steady air supply necessary to operate air tools.
• Adopted light and strong polyurethane cushion inside the plug.
• Direct mounting of the plug onto vibrating and percussive air tools enables quick tool change and easy handling.
• Can be connected with sockets of Full-Blow Cupla series, and Hi Cupla series Models 20, 30 and 40.

Detail Product

- Body material / Cushion material Steel • Brass (Chrome-plated) / Polyurethane (Black)
- Size 1/4" (20 type) • 3/8" (30 type)
- Working pressure MPa {kgf/cm2} 1.5 {15}
- Pressure resistance MPa {kgf/cm2} 2.0 {20}
- Working temperature range -5˚C~+60˚C